October 8, 2020

The Biggest API First Conference in Hong Kong

The Open API Economy: Finance-as-a-Service & API Ecosystems


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The Open API Economy - Finance-as-a-Service & API Ecosystems

The world has seen various open banking initiatives launched - Hong Kong is no exception. With the launch of an Open API Framework in 2019, there is a strong driving force to banks to publish APIs for different financial products and services aiming of improving the end to end customers’ experience and discover effective contextual financial scenarios.

API Ecosystems across sectors are now building up from banking, insurance, payment, travel, retail and entertainment. Regulated enterprises are now working with innovative startups to form regulated yet effective business collaboration enabled by APIs. Apidays is coming to Hong Kong firstly in 2020 to bring the industry thought leaders to share their latest insights.

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Our Speakers

Speaker Lineup

  1. Richard Lord

    Chief Information Officer, Commercial Banking – Asia Pacific at HSBC

  2. Simon Redfern

    Founder and CEO of Open Bank Project

  3. Greg Au-Yeung

    Senior Advisor at Shanghai Fudan University

  4. Helal Nouri

    Senior API Consultant at Rabobank

  5. Jed Ng

    Tech & API Investor

  6. Jenks Guo

    Developer Evangelist at Xero

  7. Phil Nash

    Developer Evangelist at Twilio

  8. Daniele Bernardi

    Staff Developer Relations at Twitter

  9. Alan Glickenhouse

    Digital Transformation and API Business Strategist at IBM

  10. Barry Chan

    Partner, Financial Services Sector of IBM

  11. Alex Chan


  12. Patrick C.S. Fan

    CEO & Founder of beNovelty

  13. Julian Schillinger

    Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Privé Technologies

  14. Shahnawaz Backer

    Principal Security Advisor at F5 Networks

  15. Hugo Guerrero

    APIs & Messaging Developer Advocate at Red Hat

  16. Fran Mendez

    Founder of AsyncAPI Initiative

  17. Paul Taylor

    Strategic Advisor Director at MuleSoft

  18. Marco Palladino

    CTO and Co-Founder of Kong Inc.

  19. Asanka Abeysinghe

    Chief Technology Evangelist at WSO2, Inc

  20. Donnie Prakoso

    Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  21. Zeev Avidan

    Chief Product Officer at OpenLegacy

  22. Anna Tsolakou

    Developer Advocate at Amadeus

  23. Ilona Koren-Deutsch

    Technical Documentation Manager at Twitch

  24. Michelle Howie

    API Developer Advocate at TelstraDev

  25. Maciej Treder

    Senior Software Development Engineer at Akamai Technologies

  26. David Stewart

    CEO of Approov

  27. Stanley Chou

    Head of Cybersecurity at OneDegree

  28. Rob Whiteley

    Vice President of NGINX (Part of F5)

  29. Nicky Choo

    Head - Application, Integration and Management Platform Business of IBM APAC

  30. Samuel Leung

    Reginall Solutions Architect at NGINX (Part of F5)

  31. Rajesh Bavanantham

    Domain Architect at NGINX (Part of F5)

  32. Johan Fantenberg

    Principal Solution Architect at ForgeRock

  33. Forest Jing


  34. Garry Sien

    Principal Advisory Consultant at Alibaba Cloud International

  35. DeveloperSteve Coochin

    Developer Advocate at IBM Australia

  36. Nguyen Hieu

    Senior Cloud Native Technical Specialist at Microsoft

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