We help enterprises to embrace API Economy.

- with API Consultancy, Cloud Consultancy, Product Development Services.

Let's beNovelty.

An award-winning API & Cloud native company helps Businesses to embrace API Economy.

beNovelty is founded by former Technology Thought Leader, Consultants & Engineers originated from IBM in 2015. The team serves as Innovation Partners with core capability in modern APIs, Cloud-native & Chatbot Messaging Technology. Their client base covers startups, SMEs & MNCs from Financial, Education, HealthCare and Travel Industries.

Their startup mentality together with enterprise experiences assemble new yet original services and products - always be novelty. beNovelty Limited is an awardee of Hong Kong Best ICT Startup Awards.

Others Awards & Recognitions
- AWS Partner Network (APN) Select Consulting Partner (2019)
- HKQAA 香港品質保證局 Registered Platinum Start-up (2018-2019)
- Hong Kong ICT Best Start-up Awards (Software & App - Merit) (2016)
- Hong Kong ICT Best Lifestyle Awards (Living & Learning - Merit) (2016)

beNovelty extends its capability in various industry domains via business partnerships & investments. In 2019, with exceptional capability in modern APIs, beNovelty is a strategic partner of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks in the following initiatives - "HKSTP OpenAPI Economy Training Programme" & "API Security Certification Scheme for Enterprises"

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Solutions & Services

We provides various modern APIs, Cloud-native & Product Development Services

beNovelty is a qualified technology service provider under Hong Kong ITF Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)

API Consultancy Services

beNovelty helps design, manage, secure & monetise APIs ranging from fast growing Startups to innovative Enterprises. The team produced more than 500+ production APIs for Financial Services, HealthCare, Education and Travel Industries.

* beNovelty is a strategic partner of HKSTP in the various API initiatives - "HKSTP OpenAPI Economy Training Programme" & "API Security Certification Scheme for Enterprises"

Cloud Consultancy Services

beNovelty is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Select Consulting Partner specalizing in Serverless (Microservicves) Computing. The team is also providing multi-cloud cross-border solutions for clients with the needs of China Expansion via Alibaba Cloud.

* beNovelty is providing managed cloud services with production workload serving Hong Kong, UK, Taiwan, UK & China regions

Product Dev Services

beNovelty provides App innovation services ranging from UX Design, Design Thinking Workshop, App Prototyping, Development to Production Deployment. Rapid MVP Development is available within 8 - 12 weeks timeframe for market validation.

* Awards & recognitions of beNovelty's product includes: Hong Kong Best ICT Startup Award, Hong Kong Best ICT Lifestyle Awards etc.

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Experience & Qualifications

A Group of Certified Experts with 10+ Years of Exceptional Experience

Thought Leadership

Active contributor in Mobile Business Insights & IBM DeveloperWorks.

Security In Mind

Security should be day 1 consideration and we put security as number 1 priority.

Research Backed

Applied researches led by Ph.D & funded under HKUST TSSSU Scheme & HKSTP Incu-Tech Programme

Certified UX Experts

UI Design is not UX. We got Certified Usability Analyst(CUA) in residency to deliver user-first solution

Born in the Cloud

We build with modern cloud architecture which scales with your business.

Agile & DevOps Driven

Change is the new normal. We manage with Agile Methodology and modern DevOps Toolchains.

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