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Empowering Your AI and API Gateway Success with beNovelty

Our AI and API Gateway, powered by FabriXAPI, is currently in the Beta phase. Join our AI Gateway waitlist to be the first to experience this exciting new feature!

Why AI Gateway?

Supercharge AI integration in your applications

Streamline AI traffic usage, security, and monitoring

Effortlessly utilize, safeguard, and monitor the leading Large Language Models (LLMs) such as OpenAI, Azure AI, Cohere, Anthrophic, LLamMA, and Mistral.

Harness advanced AI contexts and prompts

Integrate sophisticated prompt engineering techniques into your AI requests to ensure compliance and governance in AI implementation.

Seamlessly integrate AI with no-code solutions

Enhance your existing API traffic with AI capabilities using our user-friendly, code-free AI plugins, eliminating the need for manual coding in your applications.

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